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A Bit of a Belly Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I stepped on a scale. I had to crane my neck just a little in order to see the numbers on the scale over the curve of my belly. “Yep, it has happened at last.” It was destined to come and now… Now the time has finally come apparently. I’ve been dancing around it, nearing to that significant point, for a while. Today is the day, I’m officially two hundred pounds. For some people, most girls I know, it would be a reason to freak out, but not for me. After all I accepted my fate long ago. It would be stupid not to, I knew myself too well for that. I was a glutton and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. And if it meant I would have to carry around a bit of a belly, so be it. My soft, round and squishy tummy, that seemed to steal almost every extra pound for itself, was here to stay and I was cool with it. I’d even go so far and say that it looked sexy and sometimes at night I couldn’t keep my hands of it.

I started getting fat, because let’s face it, 200 means pretty fat, about five years ago. My parents were getting divorced back then and as an only child with no one to turn to I took it pretty badly. I started to seek comfort in food, which obviously resulted in couple extra pounds. At the time I didn’t quite achieve as much of self-acceptance as I have now and was pretty bummed about it. My classmates weren’t really the most compassionate and mocked me because of those extra few pounds without showing any sign of mercy. I’ve never really understood why people do it. Does it make them feel better about themselves? Do they get pleasure from seeing their peers broke into tears? Anyway… It only sent me to look for joy hidden in a carton of ice-cream. Back then however I was more determined to stay slim and so I tried to burn off the extra calories. Because of that the damage to my body turned up a lot smaller than it could have been.

It took me a couple of months before I finally realized how much I actually enjoyed eating. I wasn’t resisting the urge to eat, never denying myself anything, but I did spend plenty of time exercising. For a long time I was trying to balance the larger income of calories with burned off calories, but I was failing. A pound here and another there… Eventually I gave up. Why would I kept torturing myself to stay thin, if it didn’t even work that well? It was only prolonging the inevitable.

A knock on the bathroom door brought me back into present. “Hurry up! You’re gonna be late!” My mother’s high pitched voice sounded clearly through the door.

“Give me a second, I’ll be right there!” I shouted in annoyance. “I can’t even have moment for myself…” I mumbled under my breath.

Today was the first day of my last year of high school. And there I stood in all of my two hundred pound glory, clad in my tighter-than-I-remembered clothes. My belly strained the top as it stuck out farther than my B-cups filling breasts. I struggled to button my jeans, having to suck in my stomach with all of my might, before finally succeeding. The time to go shopping was looming closer as the pants gave me a solid muffin top. I tied my long blonde hair into a ponytail and swaying my curvy hips from side to side, I walked out of the bathroom.

The wonderful aroma of frying butter filled my nostrils and I followed it into the kitchen without hesitation. In the kitchen I was greeted with a plate of pancakes stacked up high just waiting to be devoured. I landed my lovely shaped bottom upon the chair, filling its seat nicely, and without further ado I drowned the pancakes in syrup.

“Is that going to be enough, Liz? I can always make you more pancakes.”

I looked at the mountain of pancakes before nodding. ostim escort “I’m sure, I’ll have enough.” I already knew where all those pancakes will end up. I patted my evergrowing belly.

In a way my parent’s divorce was the best thing that could happen to me. I know how weird it sounds, but it is how it is. Officially I lived with my mom, but since my dad lived less than 15 minutes away, I spent pretty much the same amount of time with both of them. And they were pampering me beyond measure. They did whatever they thought could to sway me to their side. I was sure I would have heard by now about how bad my eating habits were otherwise.

Making my way through the massive breakfast I thought about how great it was that Kurt, my mom’s boyfriend, has already left. Kurt was… not very handsome, nor was he rich. He frowned all the time, disgruntled and I wasn’t sure if I ever saw him smile. I honestly didn’t know what mom saw in him. Sometimes I wondered if the only reason she got together with him was because she was too afraid to end up alone. I knew that with her great looks, her wide feminine hips that I inherited and the above average bosom that I unfortunately wasn’t blessed with, mom could definitely find someone much, much better.

I let out a long, satisfied sigh, while rubbing the outwardly expanded stomach. The mountain was conquered and all the pancakes found their way inside my distinctive middle. The weird thing was that I could go for a bit more. Even I was occasionally surprised by my growing appetite. Although my jeans were without a doubt happy there wasn’t any more, because the button groaned under the pressure as it was. It held, at least for now.

It would have been delightful if I could just waste my time between meals as I did throughout the entire summer, but I knew I had to get going. Reluctantly I rose to my full height of 5 and half feet and headed out of the intimacy of my mother’s apartment.

I didn’t have many friends, but it didn’t bother me. Going out wasn’t really my idea of having fun, I much rather stayed at home, playing video games or watching movies while snacking intensely. The one close friend I did have was Becca. Three years ago, when we first met, we didn’t become instant friends, but since neither of us really fitted with the rest of our classmates, we were sort of pushed together. As unwilling as we were at first, it only made sense, for obvious outsiders like us, to stick together rather than drift through the high school jungle on our own. It came as a pleasant surprise when we found out how much we had in common.

I remembered well the girl I met three years ago. Becca was just five feet tall and as skinny as a girl can possibly be, without being down right anorexic. I recalled how shy and uncomfortable she was around people back then or how she struggled with her lack of self-esteem. A lot can change in three years. She was a prime example of that.

“Liz!” I heard Becca’s familiar voice coming from a far. I looked around, but I couldn’t see her. “Hey, Liz!” Becca’s voice sounded behind me, much closer this time. I turned around just in time to find myself on the receiving end of an enthusiastic hug. Two soft orbs pressed against my protruding gut and a pair of arms wrapped tightly around my body, squeezing the life out of me.

“C-can’t breathe.”

After what felt like an eternity, Becca finally let me escape from her deadly embrace and I could finally take a look at my best friend who I haven’t seen in two months. In the past three years Becca developed in more than one way. She… gained some weight. I couldn’t help but feel a bit ankara otele gelen escort responsible for that. It wasn’t as if I forced her to eat more or anything, but hanging out with me, she surely caught a thing or two from me. Some days it almost looked as if she was intentionally trying to keep up with me, as if we were in some sort of a competition. Of course, I would have won every time. The extra weight… Honestly it looked great on her! She developed into somewhat of a top heavy hourglass and I had to admit she looked hot as hell.

Looking at her now, I could barely believe my eyes. She looked huge! Well, her juggs did. From my position I couldn’t really judge anything apart from her breasts but, that was enough. Her shirt clung tightly to her form, with outlines of her bra clearly visible. And clearly inadequate! Becca’s boobs were spilling over the cups of her too small bra. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who gained couple of pounds over the summer.

Apart from the changes to her body in last three years she developed a habit of dying her hair crazy colors. The vibrant blue hair falling past her shoulders proved there hasn’t been a change in this matter during the summer. To be fair for her it was pretty conservative in comparison with some of her previous creations.

Becca buried her finger into an exposed skin of my belly, my shirt must have ridden up without me noticing. “Hey, buddy,” Becca started to talk with my protruding middle. “You certainly look like you had great summer!” She grabbed it with both of her hands and shook my soft, jiggly belly.

“Hey, stop playing with my fat!” I slapped her hand and pulled down my shirt.

“There’s more than enough of it for both of us now, it’s not my fault you couldn’t keep your ass out of the fridge.” Becca said giggling.

“Like you’re the one to talk… Look at those tits of yours!” I pointed at her bosom that quivered with her every slight move.

Becca straighten her back and thrust her well-endowed chest forward proudly. “Oh, you like them? Could you believe I can’t even fit them in G cups anymore?” Becca bragged shamelessly. I could only stare at her wobbling chest with a badly hidden envy.

The day at school went as slow as first school days usually go. The unending administrational bullshit, we’ve all heard at least thousand times before, kept going on and on and by the time anything worthy of knowing came around, my mind was already too dull to really pay any attention. Throughout the day my head felt heavier and heavier until finally it felt too heavy to be supported by my hand and I lay it down on my desk. I drifted into sleep.

I jumped in my seat, sending my flabby middle into motion, when a hand touched my shoulder. Sleepily I started to look around.

“You were really asleep, weren’t you?” Becca giggled. “Come on, the class is over and it’s time for lunch.”

At the mention of lunch my stomach growled hungrily. “I could definitely eat something. I wonder what they have in cafeteria today…” I said, rising to my feet.

“Weren’t you at all listening today? The cafeteria is closed and it will be for a couple of weeks. We’ll have to go somewhere else.”

“Oh, crap!” I cursed. “Is there anything close by, where we could go?”

“I don’t really know… Well, I just realized, there’s one of those all you can eat type of buffets, I think!”

“You know, I’ve never been in one of those before… Isn’t it expensive?” I asked, before stretching my back. The motion lifted my shirt, exposing my round belly to the world. Fortunately we were all alone.

Becca poked my gut. ankara rus escort “I’m sure we can get our money’s worth!”

“Me? Sure! I don’t if you will be up to the challenge, though.” I smiled at her provocatively.

“What?! I bet I can eat more than you!”

“Maybe in your dreams! Where would you even put that much food?” Now it was my time to poke her middle, which was completely overshadowed by her sizeable assets. My finger sunk into more soft flesh than I expected.

The place where we would get our sustenance was decided and so Becca lead the way to the buffet. While we were walking we were catching up on stuff we didn’t manage during recesses. Our conversation mostly consisted of shows and video games we watched and played, throughout the summer.

Upon entering the buffet we were immediately struck by a combination of various delightful smells, making my mouth water and sending my mind into overdrive.

Without hesitation we started to pile up our plates with food. I wasn’t even paying much attention to what I was putting on my plate, focusing more on how much I could fit on it.

We sat down in a booth with our equally overfilled plates and started shoveling the food into our awaiting mouths.

“Loser brings the desserts.” Becca announced.

With my mouth preoccupied with chewing I acknowledged it by nodding. “Make sure you’ll bring me enough.” I said after I swallowed the large mouthful. Mere moments have passed and I was on my way for the first refill. Becca was right behind me.

Plate after plate I made my way through the meals the buffet offered. Amazingly enough Becca was always just one step behind me. I was getting quite full myself when she finally conceded. I raised my hands in victory, and laughed in delight. “I was only just getting started!” I lied, rubbing salt in the wounds. In reality I was relieved I wouldn’t have to eat much more.

With loud POP the button flew away from my jeans, my belly immediately surging forward into the newly created space. “Oops! Guess I’ll have to go shopping sooner than I planned!” I proclaimed with laughter.

Becca obviously wasn’t very happy about the outcome of our little competition, but this put a mild smile on her face.

Reluctantly Becca rose to her feet and headed for food one last time in order to bring me the dessert I won. To be honest I kinda wished she wouldn’t.

“Are you insane?!” I almost shouted staring with widened eyes on the plate before me.

“I thought you were only getting started.” Becca replied, her voice dripping with faked innocence.

“Yeah, but… That doesn’t mean I can eat this huge cheesecake! Can you even imagine how many calories this thing has?!”

“I’d never thought you of all people will be counting calories…”

“Me neither! That’s how insane it is!” To be honest I was extremely tempted to try eating the whole thing, but the other side of me, the rational one, screamed at me not to dare. For once I was listening to it.

“If you’ll manage to eat it, I’ll… I’ll buy you new jeans!” Becca challenged me.

That actually was an interesting proposal. The biggest reason why I didn’t update my wardrobe prior to this was my financial situation. Well, it wasn’t as if I didn’t have any money, but my daily snacks were getting more expensive every few weeks. “Alright, I’ll do it.” Still hesitant I picked up first slice of the cheesecake and took a bite.

“Well, cover me in gravy and call me a biscuit! You really did it!” Becca exclaimed in disbelief.

I leaned back in my seat and tried to get a bit more comfortable. It was obviously impossible with how much food I just crammed inside of me. My gut was bloated and rested on my thighs. I wanted to say something but the only thing that came out when I opened my mouth was a loud burp. I looked across the table at Becca and blushed. For some reason I couldn’t get the image of Becca covered in gravy out of my head.

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