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8:10 to San Francisco Pt. 03: Kryptonite

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Kryptonite – A married woman enjoys her boyfriend and others at a party

Marty and I check into the hotel. We haven’t heard from Ryan all day. Being in our 30s we need to take a nap. When we wake up, we start to venture around the city. Marty and I are getting more than a little anxious. Fucking Ryan’s big cock in front of my husband was everything that I hoped it would be. But, I’m afraid, Ryan, being all of 24 years, wasn’t really ready.

The last time I saw Ryan, I told him that when he came to our hotel, I would take his glorious cock in my back channel. To prepare myself I told Ryan I would wear the glass butt plug. It was around 10 pm and still no Ryan. Marty and I, had been shopping, eating, walking for the last six hours all with the plug churning in my ass. This is the first time I had spent the day with my submissive husband where my ass was on constant standby and his was not.

At 10:35 I text Ryan: “Playing with my butt plug all day, craving your big cock! – the married slut your having an affair with.”

Five minutes later Ryan texts back: “Will not make it to your hotel. Still partying downtown. Would you like to meet up for a drink?”

I desperately return his text: “If you insist, I can meet you. What should I tell Martin?” I am hoping my husband is invited and we can pick up where we left off on the train.

Ryan: “He’s not invited. Tell him I will take good care of you and have you back in a couple hours.”

Ryan gives me the address and I split company with Marty. My husband is more than a little disappointed. I want to make him feel that he is still a part of this weekend, so I assign him some personal tasks to take care of once he makes it back to the hotel, “I want you to prepare for your Mistress to fuck your ass first thing in the morning. Vibrator, strap-on, everything we need. Then I want you to do your special exercises with the medium dildo.”

Marty listens and then glumly answers, “Should I wait up for you?”

I reassured, “No. I have no idea how long I will be, maybe all night. But I will wake you up as soon as I get back, and we will share everything.”

Marty seems placated for the night and I look for a cab. I’m trying to formulate how to try and handle Ryan. I’m still wearing the butt plug, but I don’t think I’m up for anal anymore unless I can get him to come back to the hotel. I consider anal a hotel or home activity, especially for a big cock like his. Nevertheless, I’m still excited and horny as hell.

This address doesn’t look right. I exit the cab and realize Ryan has sent me to a college house party. I’m 32, married, looking sexy with a short, backless, black cocktail dress, no bra or panties, and oh yeah, 2 ½ inch plug in my ass, reminding me with every step what a shameless slut I can be. The party is chaotic. There is lots of drinking, lots of loud young people, part of me wants to run for the exit. In one of the back rooms there is a stripper grinding on a birthday boy while some of his friends, boys and girls, hoot and howler.

I’m getting some strange looks by some of the younger female students. One student asks me if I’m part of the paid entertainment. I’m part flattered, part bruised, “I don’t think so, but how much does it pay?” She doesn’t seem to get the joke.

Ryan finally spots me. He’s drunk and very friendly, immediately running his hands all over my tight little black dress. He introduces me to one of his best friends, Mike, a very drunk very and very big friend. He is built like a ruby player, and he tells me he is a firefighter or some shit. I think he is lying, firemen tend to be polite. Right away, Mike assumes a familiarity, a sluttiness on my part. I lean against Ryan and feel his package against my hip.

Mike stands close, closer than necessary for the crowd and bahis şirketleri noise level, “Ryan showed me a couple of texts… something about having his cock in your ass tonight?”

I act like this is just regular banter, “Yeah, that was the original plan. Why does that offend you?” I realize that I may be encouraging them, but these guys seem too drunk to dissect my language, anyway.

“So, where is that butt plug now?” Mike says while again leaning in close.

“Right where it can do the most good. I like how naughty it makes me feel,” I remark. My words are flirty, but I don’t want to get in over my head. I hold Ryan’s hand and lean in tighter to him.

“Can I see it?” Mike asks with a devilish grin. I look to Ryan for support, but he is on Mike’s side. The party does have that kind of vibe. Some nudity and a few professional girls giving the crowd a show.

“What do I get if I show it?” I ask and then don’t wait for an answer. I put my hands on the back of a couch and bend at the waist, I know my strappy heels help show off my athletic legs and tight ass. Ryan looks proud as I take the hemline of my dress and expose my ass. With one hand I reach back and take hold of the glass plug. I run my middle finger down the crack of my ass, then I grab the base. I roll my back and coo as if it gave me a shock. I look over shoulder and smile before I lean up and lower my dress.

Mike is practically drooling. I pull Ryan close and kiss him on the neck, but he seems impatient. I’m pretty sure he wants me to fuck Mike or fuck them both at the same time. The party is really getting out of hand. There are several rooms with several girls in G-strings grinding on young men. And it is encouraging a lot of aggressive behavior.

Ryan pulls me to watch the show in one of the rooms. Admittedly, it is pretty hot. Mike shows up on the opposite side of the room, watching the show but also watching us. Ryan voices his disappointment, “Do you think she would like to grind on me?”

“Is that what you want to go home with one of these younger girls, one of these strippers? Don’t we have something going, like kind of exclusive?” I stammer.

“You mean, you, me, and your husband?” Ryan grumbles while holding both my arms.

“Yeah, it works for me. Is it not working for you?” I tease as I slowly unzip his fly and put my hand on his cock.

“Can I tell you in the morning if it is working for me?” Ryan threatens an looks around the room.

“Ryan, you know you own my pussy, and my ass, and the rest of me. Are you going to let me suck your cock, or are you going to tease me some more?” I implore Ryan as I stroke his cock inside his pants in the middle of the party.

“You want to suck it right here or find a room?” Ryan concedes as quickly swallows his beer.

“Well, it is going to be hard to convince the rest of these horny girls that I’m your cock slut if they can’t see me licking your big dick,” I smile at Ryan as if an agreement is reached. I lead Ryan over to a couch. There are about 25 people in this cathedral style living room. I sit in the middle of the floor facing Ryan, leaning back on my elbow I slowly hike up my dress and begin to stroke my bare pussy. A few of the kids start to watch my performance. As I stroke my pussy with my right hand, I expose my long stiff nipple with my left hand.

I decide to embrace my fantasies and my immoral submissive side head on. I get on my knees and pull my dress over my head. My long kinky brown hair covers my face like a mop and I may look like the possessed, crazy lady I am. Half the eyes in the room are drawn to my trim naked body and perky tits. I think they all understand I’m not doing this for payment. With just my high heels on, I crawl towards Ryan, arching my back and showing off my spread butthole. bahis firmaları I pull Ryan’s hips to the edge of the couch and tie my main of hair behind me, so everyone in the room can see my long tongue licking Ryan’s perfect cock. hear calls of “suck that cock” from the crowd as I choke on the swollen phallus for their amusement.

I flirt with Ryan while I lick his balls, “Remember what I told you that first night we met? Your beautiful cock is my kryptonite and I’m powerless when I’m near it.”

I think of my darling husband, how he would love me turning on so many men. As soon as he is rock hard, I rise to my feet turn my backside to Ryan and lower my hot pussy on his proud cock. The crowd grows louder as I ride up and down, bouncing my small booty on his thick, long appendage. I take Ryan’s hand off my hip and push his fingers into my mouth to signal to the crowd I can’t get enough. Drunk Mike is the first one to present me with flaccid cock. I stroke it and suck it, breathing life into it. It is not as long as Ryan’s, but it is more than a mouthful, as thick as a cucumber. I see several other men pushing closer. My pussy is on fire, I can’t get enough of Ryan’s cock. I’m stroking Mike with a purpose as he pushes my head around like he is playing a video game. His cum leaps out and hits me in the face, blinding me in one eye. With my good eye I realize that several men in front of me have their cocks out.

Ryan lifts me up, spins me, and gets behind me. I’m on the couch on my knees, facing the backrest. Ryan is slamming into me hard. Several of the men scurry to the side of the couch my head is on. A couple guys trip and fall over each other. I’m reminded how drunk everyone is at this party. My head is spinning, but it is not from alcohol. Two cocks bounce in my face and I pull the harder of the two to my waiting mouth.

I’ve had a couple orgasms on Ryan’s cock, and I can tell from the way he is riding me that he is ready to paint the walls of my pussy. It isn’t long before I’m sucking two, three cocks simultaneously, stroking the ones not in my mouth. I feel cum running down my leg and I look back over my shoulder and realize a stranger is fucking me. I’m drunk on being a whore, the desire of these inebriated brothers.

Two men want to cum on my face in unison. To hurry the process along, I stick out my tongue, reach a hand between each of their legs, stroke their assholes with my fingers until they give me their warm cream. A sexy little stripper squats down in front of me and with her hand wipes the goo from my face. She gathers it on my lower back, I assume, because she has no place else to put it.

Another mouth-breather fucking me doggy likes the cum collection on my back and adds to it. Before another dick can take his place fucking me, the same stripper moves in behind me.

The pro latches on to my butt plug and slowly starts to work it in and out of my ass, while providing encouragement, “That’s it, yeah. Give me that plug from your greedy little asshole.” When she gets it all the way out, she lubes it in the cum on my back. Oh my god. She starts to fuck my ass with it! Slowly at first, but soon more aggressive. I think of how many times I have fucked my darling husband like this.

She wraps her hand around my throat, which I love. She is really Domming my ass and I don’t know if it is personal or professional, “Ohh, you little anal slut. You fucking whore. You love how it feels when I stretch your asshole. Don’t you?” I can no longer think about the cocks in front of me. I can’t think of anything but the whore fucking my greedy ass. Bodies pull me to the floor but keep me bent over on my knees.

The plug is gone and I feel empty, dilated. Drunk Mike is back, and he is carrying a jar of Vaseline. ‘Want’ no longer factors into it. My kaçak bahis siteleri rectum is the center of the party. Mike lathers up his thick cock and then puts a big glob between my shoulder blades in case he needs more, Mike is surprisingly hard this time as he pushes into my ass. I take a deep breath as the room spins in the faces of young, wired yuppies. I feel deprived of oxygen, and I deduct it is the stale beer in the shag carpet. Mike works up a steady rhythm as I groan and lean into his thrusts. I’m actually pounding back, and I’m filled with chills. I lift my head up and shake my ass on his cock. I’m loving this feeling in my ass and I know if I touch someone touches my clit I’ll explode. I want to tell Ryan that I’m doing this all for him: giving his best friend anal in front of a bunch of strangers. After tonight he’ll have to say, ‘That Patricia, I love that cock slut.’

The stripper lays down in front of me on her stomach. She puts her cute little butt right in my face, “If I have to grind on one more drunk asshole, I think I’m going to lose it,” she says. Her cleft ass looks ready for a photo shoot or a midnight snack. I lap at her backside until she arches and her asshole quivers. I settle in making love to her ass.

Another cock abruptly announces itself to my gaping ass. I look back and it is black and very big. Is this a big dick convention? It is not scary big like Ryan, but I’m still nervous as it burrows deeper. He takes mercy on my sensitive ass and only uses half his cock to fuck me. I want to focus on this perfect ass in front of me, with its beautiful pink, waxed little butthole. When the cock in my ass is slow and gentle I can spoil it with soft kiss and rim licking; but when I’m being pounded I switch to hanging on and tongue fucking her ass.

When I’m empty, not being pounded, I keep my ass high in the air. I’m afraid if I straighten up a gallon of cum will come pouring out of my rectum. Eventually, there are no more men, no more hard cocks. The stripper slides under me into a 69 position. She starts licking my clit and I return the favor. I feel something drag across my ass, look back and am pleased to find out it is Ryan and his growing column.

I want to make this special, but I am too tired to squeeze his glorious cock with my rectum. Right way I can tell that there is a difference between this cock and every other cock at the party. I feel every inch of it as it slowly, confidently, scrapes my tender insides.

“Did you have fun at the party, Ryan?” I smile and rest my head on the stripper’s cunt.

“Mmmm. It started off slow, but I’m beginning to enjoy myself. And you?” Ryan plays his part as he lances my ass.

“This is my favorite part, right now, with your cock where it belongs,” I respond with the stripper gently stroking my clit with her hand.

“It’s nice having someone to rub your clit, while you take a big cock in your ass, heh?” Ryan stretches and then grabs my hips.

“If you pounded my ass in our hotel room, my submissive husband could be sucking my clit,” I respond too truthfully.

“But then I wouldn’t have known that you were capable of such a public display of depravity.” Ryan says as he fucks my ass a little deeper.

“Then I did good, Ryan? Lived up my label of cum slut? anal whore? Ryan’s favorite cock slut?” I make my favorite kind of small talk.

“Ryan’s favorite cock slut? ok, I like that.”

“I’m happy, you’re happy. You’ll take me home? I don’t think I can walk. As soon as you fill my ass with your cum, I’ll be ready to go.” I say contentedly.

Ryan doubles his pace. I find myself grunting in approval into the stripper’s fuzzy mound, sweat and sex penetrating my nostrils. Ryan slides two fingers in my mouth to quiet my screaming. I feel his other hand on the center of my back pushing me down. Part of me is afraid I will tear, part of me wants to stretch bigger for Ryan. The last thing I remember before passing out is of my darling husband, alone in our hotel room, and that he is probably thinking of me too.

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