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18 Seeks 35 for Fun and LTR?

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Arms Behind

Hi. My name is Arden. My parents chose it for its meaning: ‘A place of great beauty and solitude’. They were hippies when they had me; and I guess their weed-induced love-the-world outlook wanted their boy to be beautiful and at peace with life. Right.

Friends call me ‘Den’.

“You sure about this?” His name is Brock. He likes the shots of me on my profile, and calls me a real beauty. That part of my name fits. At 5’8″, my slender frame, long auburn hair and pretty-boy face shouts fem to most guys.

“I’m sure. Sure that I need a man with experience to take away my peaceful solitude of a life. I need a guy like you to show me how to please your body. I need a guy like you to take my body wherever he wants to. I need to have wild and total sex and I need it now. Yeah. I’m sure. Are you?” Fuck. This guy is a stud all the way. He’s 6’1″ with a sweet 7 1/2″ dick of thickly chubbed meat; and my mouth is yelling at me to close this deal!

“Bring some ID to the park on Sunday. I ain’t playin’ with no underage jailbait.”

“Sure. And you bring some ID, too. I ‘ain’t playin’ with no old coot, so you better be 35, and not 55.” Did I mention that I have a rather big mouth…full and luscious lips, pearly whites and almost no body hair?

“Fair enough. You’re straight up direct for a…for a…”

“Faggot? Pussy boy? Cum Catcher? Anal Angler? Fem….”

“Okay. Okay. Truce. Listen kid. This ain’t my first rodeo, you know. I like it hard and I like it often. My ride is rough and tumble, but my heart will be in it, too. I don’t do one-way-street relationships. If we hook up more than a week’s worth, we’re in that LTR you asked for, agreed?” Let me check with my body on this one. Brock is the best candidate for me so far – Check. His shots got me hot right off – Check. His body reeks of masculinity, all hairy and jacked – Check. I can smell his scent right here at my computer – Check. My briefs are wet. – Check. Enough.

“Deal. See you Sunday.”

Part 2 –

“Hey, Brock. What’s up, bud?”

“Got a date this afternoon with a hot little young thing from over the county line. He talks like a pro…but I can tell he’s as green as Christmas ribbon. I swear, Jase, I am all but ready to give up on finding a mate. This one better come through.”

“How young, Brock?”

“You remember our age difference, right?”

“Sure. Seven years. You were 25.”

“And you were….”

“What? Wait. He’s 18? That’s 17 years! You old horn dog, you!”

“Jase. You and I had fun, but we were not meant to be. I love you. I couldn’t live with you.”

“It’s cool. I love you too. So why this call?”

“I’m scared. My Spidey sense tells me he’s the one. My gut is all in knots about him. What if I’m wrong?”

“Then you’ll have fun like we did, and move on. Enjoy the journey, Brock. Some of us find the ‘one’. Some of us wander. Keep me posted.”

“I will. Thanks, Jase.”

“Arden? I’m here at the park entrance. I hope you can make it.” Damn traffic. Does he think I’ll chicken out and stand him up?

“Be there is ten, my man. Trafuck is a mess!”

“Oh. Good. I mean…I’m on the bench right at the big oak. See ya.” He sounds a bit sad or something. Nerves. I got ’em, too. We’ll see.

“Over here!” Big oak. Which one? They’re all over the place. There he is, rising from the bench. Crap. He’s gorgeous. Am I good enough?

“Hey.” I’m closing the distance to him. He’s all cowboy cute; and has on way too much clothing. Amazing how the mind can strip a guy down and ‘see’ what it wants.

“Hello, Arden. Can we share a hug?” You bet we can, big guy. I just might have bahis siteleri myself a real live country gentleman! My smile is all the permission he needs to embrace me. The fit is perfect. Like two puzzle pieces that are a match. You know when the pieces don’t work, but you try to force them together?….this works.

“Howdy, Brock. I’m no country boy, but you had me at ‘Hello’!” His gentle laugh and mine sound good together. Sweet music. Hand in hand now, we are walking through the park gate, strolling, actually. Nowhere to go. Going there together.

“You up for a spin on the lake?” Looking into his face is all I want to do. That movie actor jaw. That two day scruff that makes me melt. Those bedroom eyes all deep blue and….and…. “Arden?”

“Great! Yeah. Sounds great.” I can’t swim. Maybe float a bit if my life depended on it. Actually, I have a fear of the water. So as Brock pays for the dingy and gets in like he owns it, I start to have a very small panic attack. Which foot goes first? What can I hold onto?

“Take my hand, Arden.” Thank God. It’s a bit rocky, but I made it. I’m sitting now. Now I can think as he is pushing us off with an oar. Take his hand? I want to take a lot more than that! Brock is a picture of masculine confidence as he slowly gets us into the middle of the lake. I am trying my best to keep calm and seem relaxed; while Brock just keeps slowly paddling and looking at me like I’m his next meal and he is very, very hungry.

“You’re tensed up like a pole cat on a leash.” His words float towards me on a gentle testosterone scented breeze. They soak into my mind as his eyes soak into my soul. I feel his concern for me. I feel that he is tender. He is kind. He is loving…. “Arden?”

“I’m fine, Brock. I’m with you.” Did I say that out loud? I suddenly feel all relaxed and calm. I’m stretching out my legs to him and smiling – looking like I am enjoying all of this. Hell yes.

“Tell me about yourself, bud. How is it that you…hanker after a guy like me?” Vulnerable. He looks vulnerable. I know just what to do.

“ARDEN!” My name rings out right after standing to move in for a first kiss, forgetting where I am. I fairly fall onto Brock, as the boat sways this way and that; determined to kiss him. The deed gets done; and a second later I am leaning over with a ticket to go overboard. Letting go of the oars, Brock lunges at me and grapples my body in his thickly muscled arms, pulling me in tight. I could not have planned this better! “Fuckin’ dumb ass move!” Is he pissed?

“Sorry.” The word floats across the lake to a lone duck that seems to be watching our soap opera. My chin and throat are on his firm neck. Our chests are heaving together. Warmth. The wonderful manly fragrance of his hairy skin and soft wavy hair. Feeling safe in his arms. Neither one of us wants to give up the bear hug. Then I feel a brief peck of his lips on the side of my head, and I slowly pull away, needing to see his face for a clue.

“You fixin’ to take a bath in the lake? Seems like you’re clean enough for…anything.” As his smile comes into view, mine bursts forth, as well. I slink back into my former spot; and Brock and I laze away another hour on the lake. We ‘hash out’ as he puts it, some plans and some boundaries for dating and mating together. The boat then glides easily into its slip, not unlike how I envision Brock gliding easily into me.

Part 3 –

We park in his driveway. So far, he and I seem very much in tune with each other. Brock is a young 35. I am an older 18. Age difference is not an issue for us at all. We talked about dating for a while before making love. canlı bahis siteleri We have decided to do that now; and see if our minds and bodies are also in tune sexually.

“Gotta admit how hot I am for you, Arden. I could easily fall for…” As we stand inside his doorway, I cut off his thoughts with a passionate tongue kiss, that I hope telegraphs how I also feel about him. My bear of a man takes only seconds to shed my flimsy summer duds. He smiles broadly; eyes transfixed on mine as he slowly removes his own kit – teasing me terribly.

“Show me, stud. Tell me later!” With that, I am once again a willing prisoner in his arms; this time naked and ready for sex. Brock has a natural display of body hair that has my senses inflamed. His dense pubic bush and rock hard cock take over my world as they press strongly onto my own manly package.

“Got a big one for a shorter dude, Arden. Nice to feel you all chubbed up and happy.” His body is work-muscle perfection. I feel like a child in his embrace, all safe and protected, and loved. Brock’s hands have moved from my back to my ass cheeks. He runs a finger through my crack; then slaps my ass hard. “Gonna tap into this purely fine buttocks soon enough…right now, Brock needs a good taste of you.”

“Oh! Oh, yes.” His warm lips are locked onto my cockhead, just below the ridge. He’s got a highly educated tongue for a country boy; and I am on a fast track ride to a massive explosion if he keeps this up. “Can’t hold it, Brock. Oh, fuck. You’re gonna make me…make me…” He seems to want to make me cum, and cum right now. I thought that maybe we would take it slow, and get to explore each other for awhile. No. He is determined to suck the cum from my crotch; and I have zero power to dissuade him. Why would I want to!

“Mmmm. Mmmm.” He’s purring like a cat. I’m deep into his throat now. The feeling is so intense. Wonderfully so, and I have no ability to control the cream quickly rising inside of me. My hands grip at his shoulders, all thick with layers of man beef. I feel like the Universe has chosen me to be milked to save humanity – a silly thought; yet it has fired up my desire to produce and ejaculate as much of my load as I possibly can.

“Get ready, Brock. Oh, fuck, cowboy. You’re sucking the life out of me. DAMN. TAKE IT! oh, fuck. FUUUUUCCKK!!!” Still deep into his warm throat, my penis is exploding a river of hot cream, enough to fill his rock hard belly with baby batter aplenty. He is taking it all. I have collapsed in a heap onto his shoulders and head. His hair grazes my face; and my hot breath kisses cover his sweet smelling scalp with affirmations of our mutual pleasure. As we both cool down, he gives me the chills as his mouth slowly rasps against the now intensely sensitive skin of my shaft and cockhead. “AHHH. AH. Ohhhh. So fine! Ohhhh.”

“That was pure honey. Love your flavor, Arden. You ’bout ready for Brock to ride your sweet ass into a frenzy?” I nod. His lips touch mine; and we kiss as my ‘flavor’ on his tongue touches my own. Am I getting hard again?

Part 4 –

“Ooookay!” My arms glide over his shoulders; so that my hands can be at the back of his head to massage that errogenous zone. Before we can kiss for more than a few seconds, I am being hoisted up onto his body, and carried briskly to a room with a very wide and very cushy master bed. As I slip within his grasp onto my feet, my hands play at his chest; while my lips kiss a path southward.

“Gonna warm me up?” Nuzzling my face hard and deep into his fragrant bush is my answer. “Damn, Arden. You sure know how to get to me.” His crotch presents canlı bahis me with a momentary problem. Do I suck him first, or work his bull balls for a bit. I have my very own Cade Maddox before me; and my solution is to go for both!

“Dang, son. That feels real nice.” His swollen taint and heavy balls feel real nice in my hand; and his spongy warm cockhead is dripping some nice pearls of silky sweet precum onto my tongue right now. “Oh, baby. Your Dad loves what you’re doing…but he needs to go to pound town something fierce.”

“Take your Boy good, Brock. I’m ready for you.”

“You ’bout ready to take me as a lover, Arden?” How can I resist the look on his face – an innocent longing like it’s his first time. I nod, and he places me down gently onto my back at the bed’s edge. Without a pause, Brock is lifting my lanky legs up onto his shoulders; and the view from here is heavenly!

“I’m all yours, stud. Loose as a goose after my time down your throat. Claim me as yours, Brock. Give me that fuck pole, my man. Go all animal on my ass! Breed me, big guy!” His look just changed to one of determination. As he steadfastly plunges his full manhood past my pucker and into the depths of my soul, a song comes into my head: ‘…got you under my skin. I’ve got you…deep in the heart of me. So deep…you’re really a part of me…’

“I declare, Arden…your body is a thing of beauty to be sure…but this ass! My God! This fuckin’ ass!” You know how you get into a headspace where words just don’t gel? This is where I am right now. I feel drugged by the vision and sensation of the man before my eyes, and inside my body. Floating. Yeah, my thoughts – no – my feelings are floating on Lake Elation, totally provided and controlled by one hell of a competent Man.

“Listen B – My words have left me for a bit. But, Oh, what you’re doing to my body…”

“I know you need more than good sex, Arden. I know. It’s what I need too. And we can tackle that later. So, not having much need for talk is fine with me right now, Babe. This here fuck is the sweetest of my entire life, Arden. You lookin’ up at me, all angelic and pure…the grip your sweet love tube has on my manhood…the feeling in my balls when they plow into your cheeks…Damn straight but I can not hold this load much…not…not much…aahhHH”.

“Load me up, lover. Ram it home. I claim this Brock-cock inside of me is MINE now! MINE to take at will. MINE to fully enjoy. MINE to pull the cream from deep inside you…to hose it deep inside of me! NOW! Fuck me good, Brock. NOW!

“AAHHHUNH…” That did it. His face is all full of agony, his muscles all tight and tense, and my man is crumbling toward me. The pulses of his shaft, we share together. The ‘little death’ of Brock’s orgasm is his to feel alone, and yet…

“ARDEN! God…ARDEN!” His features change to total joy once the first few jets pass through him. I can still feel more pulsations as he lands his chest onto mine…with a quick view of a spent and smiling Brock just before his face gets buried onto my neck.

“mmhmmm…” Well said, lover. Well said.

Part 5 –

Brock fell into deep sleep with the last of his ejaculations into my happy ass. I do not mind one bit. He is still inside of me, mostly hard, I think, because I can feel the fullness down there. Holding him in my arms as he dozes is so wonderfully calming and right. Good thing I don’t need to pee, because I am pinned real good with one hot and heavy man at the moment. I am more alive now…more aware of myself than I have ever been. I don’t need sleep at all. I need to hold my man close…to kiss his head while he sleeps…to think about and plan for our future together.

“Sleep, lover. Let these whispers penetrate your mind like you did my body. Know that you are in my life now; and I will not let you go. Sleep, lover. Sleep.

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